in progress

in progress

clearing the way for humane futures

we are creating a framework for human and world development
based on a platform for human & world relations

now making

what will become known as The Human Agreement

we seek to kickoff creations for a more preferable world evolving out of us humans
finally having found a first‑ever‑thing we all could agree upon

until then,
despair not

beware the power of "words"

"race" is an entity belonging to the species of "words",
the rest of it is conditions nobody ever deserves


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foundation to the participatory human and world development framework

THE HUMAN AGREEMENT serves as a universal validation function to the next gen framework for human and world development

the framework is built upon a platform for human & world relationswhich also that relies on The Human Agreement

the mission

our mission is to help everyone enjoy a more preferable future evolving out of us humans finally having found a first-ever-thing we all could agree upon

we consider our mission far more than doable, merely possible or down right desireable - because we find it is beyond question critical to the future of all human being and we see the potential when the human being face challenges together